Typology: family affair
First bottling wine: 1980
Total Area ha: 14,5 about
Total Vineyard ha: 11 about
Winemaker: Anybody.
The vineyard is a family affair and all aspects of management and coordination are within the Bea family. The son Giampiero has responsibility for the vineyard and the bottling with the support of a carefully selected staff.
All have a passion for the philosophy of respect for the nature and the ambience.
Initiative: From ancient times the Bea family have followed the philosophy of maintaining the balance between man and the seasons of Nature. Also observing the phases of the moon, natural processes, and respect for the natural habitat.
This route has enabled us to meet another winemakers who hold the same values. In 2004 Giampiero, together with Angiolino MAULE (Veneto), Fabrizio NICCOLAINI (Toscana) and Stanislao RADIKON (Friuli) founded the GRUPPO ViniVeri (now Consorzio ViniVeri):
a movement of thought which aims to meet Winemakers united by the common belief of extracting wine by natural processes without contamination and homologation.

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